A review by tawallah
Around the World in Eighty Days, by Brian W. Aldiss, Michael Glencross, Jules Verne


What an adventure!!! I'm glad I was challenged to read this book for August. I heard about this book but with no real urgency to read. And now I have met Phileas Fogg. Initially I thought him cold, methodical and passionless and then he made this seemly ridiculous bet for the sake of a bet. I chalked it up to eccentric Britishness. But the wanderlust in me is excited at the thought of traveling to these exotic lands, but Mr. Fogg seems unperturbed by the views. I am aghast and want to slap him silly. Until we reach India and he meets Anouda. From here on in, I start to like him and see this book differently. Like Passepartout, Anouda and poor Mr. Fix I too start to be mesmerized. I want him to triumph against the odds.

In the end, this has been my favourite book for the month of August. Why? I learn not to judge too quickly. From Mr. Fogg, I am impressed by his patience and how calm he remains in the face of odds stacked against him, how he places high value on the life of Aouda(oppressed by society she lives in and has to live up to crazy expectations) and his servant Passepartout. Lessons I definitely need to master.


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