Reading Challenges

The StoryGraph Onboarding 2020 Reading Challenge

Hosted by tam and The StoryGraph

The StoryGraph is still in beta and so developing the onboarding flow for a new user isn’t our priority just yet. However, we do want everyone to be aware of all of the fun features we have on offer. Editor, Librarian, and reading cha...

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Reading Women Challenge 2020

Hosted by Reading Women

It’s time for the 2020 Reading Women Challenge! Reading challenges are a great way to read outside your comfort zone—and you get to do it with other bookish friends! The 2020 challenge officially begins January 1st, 2020 and ends December 31...

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Hosted by @lavidaenquotes

For the 20 Books for 2020 Reading Challenge, I've tried to mix some easy, light-hearted prompts with some more challenging ones. One of the key goals of the challenge is for readers to explore the world through books by reading (and maybe ev...

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The Unread Shelf Project 2020

Hosted by @theunreadshelf

The Unread Shelf Project is a community of readers who want to live their best reading life, by tackling their unread shelves, one book at a time. To find out more about The Unread Shelf Project and where to get started with this chal...

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Book Riot's 2020 Read Harder Challenge

Hosted by Book Riot

The Read Harder Challenge is back for its sixth year! We’re excited to embark on this annual reading journey once more, and hope you find your way to some wonderful reads through Book Riot’s challenge. Once again, Read Harder has 24 tasks desi...

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The StoryGraph's Translated Fiction 2020 Challenge

Hosted by The StoryGraph

Our resident Super Librarian, bookworm, and linguist, Abbie, declared 2020 to be "The Year of Translated Fiction", so we at The StoryGraph decided that we wanted to get in on all...

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POPSUGAR Reading Challenge 2020

Hosted by POPSUGAR.

It's the most wonderful time of the year . . . and no, we're not talking about that time of the year. Sorry Santa, but the sixth annual POPSUGAR Reading Challenge has landed, and the only list we're checking twice is our 2020 book list! ...

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Hosted by @evavstheworld and @iirasbooks

20 prompts for 2020 created by Bookstagrammers @evavstheworld and @iirasbooks. You choose what...

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Native Literature Challenge 2020

Hosted by @nativegirlsreading

Mallory Whiteduck (@nativegirlsreading) is getting into reading challenges in 2020 so she decided to create this mini

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The Second Language Reading Challenge

Hosted by tam

For this challenge, read four books that are written in a language that is not your mother tongue.This doesn't mean translated books. It means, read a book in another language! You choose the language, and if you're a total polyg...

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The Modern Mrs. Darcy 2020 Reading Challenge

Hosted by Modern Mrs. Darcy

Devoted readers and aspiring readers: want to get more out of your reading life in 2020? Here on Modern Mrs Darcy, we love reading, but don’t believe it’s a competitive sport. We care about quality way more than we care about quantity...

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Read The Moon 2020

Hosted by The Moon SG

Illuminate the new year with The Moon's 2020 Reading Challenge! Follow their prompts for a reading list that’s diverse, mindful and uniquely informed by your own taste...

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Silver Valkyrie's 2020 Reading Challenge

Hosted by @silver_valkyrie_reads

Silver Valkyrie's reading challenge is a personally curated set of prompts that are meant to be fun, quirky and challenging, while still being broad enough to fill using only books you’ll enjoy reading.

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