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Starts: Wednesday, 01 January 2020

Ends: Thursday, 31 December 2020

20 prompts for 2020 created by Bookstagrammers @evavstheworld and @iirasbooks.

You choose what you want to read for each prompt and when!

If you're on Instagram, share your progress using the #20ReadsIn2020 hashtag.

Challenge prompts

2. A book recommended by a celebrity (47 books added)

5. A book with a cover you like (138 books added)

7. A coming of age story (90 books added)

10. A book published in 2020 (97 books added)

11. A book you got recently (132 books added)

14. A beloved book from your childhood (30 books added)

17. A book about friendship (64 books added)

18. An award-winning book (90 books added)

19. A book you got because of Bookstagram (92 books added)

If you're not from Bookstagram, choose a book recommended to you via a social media platform.

20. A non-fiction book (131 books added)