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The Angel Whispered Danger (Augusta Goodnight, #4)

Mignon F. Ballard

fiction Mystery
adventurous dark mysterious slow-paced

Changing Course

Brey Willows

fiction LGBTQIA+ Romance Science Fiction
adventurous fast-paced

The Culture of Fashion

Christopher Breward

nonfiction Art History
informative slow-paced

Ace of Hearts

Devyn Morgan

fiction Contemporary Romance
emotional lighthearted fast-paced

The Panty Whisperer: Volume 6 (The Panty Whisperer, #3)

Sloane Howell

fiction Romance
emotional lighthearted fast-paced

Built for Love (The Carlisles, #3)

Lori Foster

fiction Romance
lighthearted fast-paced


Alyson Gerber

fiction Contemporary Middle Grade
emotional hopeful informative medium-paced

What Is Madness?

Darian Leader

nonfiction Psychology
challenging dark medium-paced

Fear of a Black Nation

David Austin

nonfiction History Race
challenging informative slow-paced

The Long Way Home (Christmas Dreams)

Catt Ford

fiction Contemporary
funny lighthearted slow-paced