Dead Man's Folly by Agatha Christie

Dead Man's Folly

Hercule Poirot #33

Agatha Christie

fiction Classics Crime Mystery
mysterious medium-paced

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Whilst organising a mock murder hunt for the village fete hosted by Sir George and Lady Stubbs, a feeling of dread settles on the famous crime novelist Adriane Oliver. Call it instinct, but it's a feeling she just can't explain...or get away from.

In desperation she summons her old friend, Hercule Poirot -- and her instincts are soon proved correct when the 'pretend' murder victim is discovered playing the scene for real, a rope wrapped tightly around her neck.

But it's the great detective who first discovers that in murder hunts, whether mock or real, everyone is playing a part.

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mysterious 100%
dark 50%
funny 50%
lighthearted 50%


medium 100%

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It's complicated: 100%

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Yes: 100%

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