English Country House Murders by Ethel Lina White, R. Austin Freeman, Robert Barr, Christianna Brand, Cyril Hare, Philip MacDonald, Dorothy L. Sayers, Ngaio Marsh, Agatha Christie, Thomas Godfrey, John Dickson Carr, Emmuska Orczy, James Miles, P.G. Wodehouse, Arthur Conan Doyle, Margery Allingham, Wilkie Collins, P.D. James, Michael Innes, Nicholas Blake, Wills Crofts, Ruth Rendell
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Nothing could seem more civilized, more orderly and sedate than a weekend at one of Great Britain's country estates. Yet these staid, conservative houses play host to a wider variety of murders than do the mean streets of America's darkest cities.

The adventure of the Abbey Grange / Sir Arthur Conan Doyle --
A marriage tragedy / Wilkie Collins --
Lord Chizelrigg's missing fortune / Robert Barr --
The Fordwych Castle mystery / Emmuska, Barroness Orczy --
The blue scarab / R. Austin Freeman --
The doom of the Darnaways / G.K. Chesterton --
The shadow on the glass / Agatha Christie --
The queen's square / Dorothy L. Sayers --
Death on the air / Ngaio Marsh --
The same to us / Margery Allingham --
The hunt ball / Freeman Wills Crofts --
The incautious burglar / John Dickson Carr --
The long shot / Nicholas Blake --
Jeeves and the stolen Venus / P.G. Wodehouse --
Death in the sun / Michael Innes --
An unlocked window / Ethel Lina White --
The wood-for-the-trees / Philip MacDonald --
The man on the roof / Christianna Brand --
The death of Amy Robsart / Cyril Hare --
Fen Hall / Ruth Rendell --
A very desirable residence / P.D. James --
The Worcester enigma / James Miles.

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