Mixed: An Anthology of Short Fiction on the Multiracial Experience by Mary Yukari Waters, Wayde Compton, Mat Johnson, Emily Raboteau, Stewart David Ikeda, Rebecca Walker, Carmit Delman, Lucinda Roy, Chandra Prasad, Mamle Kabu, Neela Vaswani, Marina Budhos, Cristina García, Brian Ascalon Roley, Ruth Ozeki, Diana Abu-Jaber, Peter Ho Davies, Danzy Senna, Kien Nguyen
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Though multiracialism has recently become a popular aspect of many memoirs and novels, "Mixed" is the first of its kind: a fiction anthology with racial overlap as its compass. With original pieces by both established and emerging writers, "Mixed" explores the complexities of identity that come with being a multiracial person.

Every story, crafted by authors who are themselves mixed-race, broaches multiracialism through character or theme. With contributors such as Cristina Garcia, Danzy Senna, Ruth Ozeki, Mat Johnson, Wayde Compton, Diana Abu-Jaber, Emily Raboteau, Mary Yukari Waters, and Peter Ho Davies, and an illuminating introduction by Rebecca Walker, "Mixed" gives narrative voice to the multiple identities of the rising generation.


The anthropologists' kids by Ruth Ozeki
Effigies by Lucinda Roy
Minotaur by Peter Ho Davies
Mrs. Turner's lawn Jockeys by Emily Raboteau
Footnote by Carmit Delman
My Elizabeth by Diana Abu-Jaber
Gift giving by Mat Johnson
Shadey by Stewart David Ikeda
Unacknowledged by Brian Ascalon Roley
Caste system by Mary Yukari Waters
Wayward by Chandra Prasad
Falling sky by Cristina Garcia
The non-Babylonians by Wayde Compton
Hollywood by Marina Budhos
Human mathematics by Mamle Kabu
Bing-Chen by Neela Vaswani
The lost sparrow by Kien Nguyen
Triad by Danzy Senna

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