May We Borrow Your Husband?&Other Comedies of the Sexual Life

Graham Greene

fiction Short Stories
reflective medium-paced

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Famous author William Harris is spending the fag-end of the season at Antibes finishing his first attempt at historical biography, but he becomes more interested and involved in the antics of two homosexual interior decorators intent on stealing Poopy Travis’s honeymoon husband. Which leaves him free to fall in love with Poopy herself.

A widow and a divorcee tipsily discuss the inadequacy of men in general and their husbands in particular, deciding that women have much more to offer each other by way of variety in sexual love.

A wife holidays alone in Jamaica’s cheap season idly hoping for excitement but finding the only man she can have an affair with is far too old and frightened of the dark.

Affairs, obsessions, grand passions and tiny ardours . . . this collection contains some of Greene’s saddest observations on the hilarity of sex.

ISBN 0140030301

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