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Olivia Dade

fiction Contemporary Romance
lighthearted fast-paced

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Olivia Dade bursts onto the scene in this delightfully fun romantic comedy set in the world of fanfiction, in which a devoted fan goes on an unexpected date with her celebrity crush, who’s secretly posting fanfiction of his own. 

Marcus Caster-Rupp has a secret. While the world knows him as Aeneas, the star of the biggest show on TV, Gods of the Gates, he's known to fanfiction readers as Book!AeneasWouldNever, an anonymous and popular poster.  Marcus is able to get out his own frustrations with his character through his stories, especially the ones that feature the internet’s favorite couple to ship, Aeneas and Lavinia. But if anyone ever found out about his online persona, he’d be fired. Immediately.

April Whittier has secrets of her own. A hardcore Lavinia fan, she’s hidden her fanfiction and cosplay hobby from her “real life” for years—but not anymore. When she decides to post her latest Lavinia creation on Twitter, her photo goes viral. Trolls and supporters alike are commenting on her plus-size take, but when Marcus, one half of her OTP, sees her pic and asks her out on a date to spite her critics, she realizes life is really stranger than fanfiction.

Even though their first date is a disaster, Marcus quickly realizes that he wants much more from April than a one-time publicity stunt. And when he discovers she’s actually Unapologetic Lavinia Stan, his closest fandom friend, he has one more huge secret to hide from her.

With love and Marcus’s career on the line, can the two of them stop hiding once and for all, or will a match made in fandom end up prematurely cancelled?

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Fatphobia (4 reviewers), Body shaming (3 reviewers), Ableism (2 reviewers), Sexism (1 reviewer), and Toxic relationship (1 reviewer)


Fatphobia (5 reviewers), Body shaming (4 reviewers), Ableism (2 reviewers), Bullying (2 reviewers), Eating disorder (1 reviewer), Emotional abuse (1 reviewer), Misogyny (1 reviewer), Sexism (1 reviewer), and Toxic relationship (1 reviewer)


Misogyny (1 reviewer) and Sexism (1 reviewer)


lighthearted 80%
funny 71%
emotional 65%
hopeful 43%
inspiring 23%
relaxing 13%
reflective 8%
challenging 4%
adventurous 2%
informative 2%


medium 47%
fast 45%
slow 6%

Strong character development?

Yes: 84% | No: 11% | It's complicated: 4%

Loveable characters?

Yes: 88% | No: 9% | It's complicated: 2%

Diverse cast of characters?

No: 43% | Yes: 30% | It's complicated: 25%

Flaws of characters centre-stage?

Yes: 81% | It's complicated: 13% | No: 4%

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