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Best of LSU Fiction, edited by Nolde Alexius and Judy Kahn and published by The Southern Review, is a long-overdue collection of the great fiction writers who have been associated with Louisiana State University as professors, undergrads, grads, and editors. Beginning with three-time Pulitzer Prize-winner Robert Penn Warren, this anthology records the journey of LSU’s prestigious literary tradition.

The twenty writers collected in this volume share the LSU experience yet explore the craft of fiction with diverse and unique world views: John Ed Bradley writes of a failed LSU football hero, James Wilcox of the quirky interactions of a dysfunctional family on a camping trip, Moira Crone of a northerner’s firsthand experience of a Louisiana hurricane, Rebecca Wells of an anti-war cotton grower in the deep South, and Laurie Lynn Drummond of a legendary Baton Rouge policewoman’s experiences on and off duty.

Arranged chronologically, original author biographies introduce every title on the table of contents and reveal the connections and influences among the writers. Whether you are rediscovering the work of literary legends Robert Penn Warren, Walker Percy, Jean Stafford, Peter Taylor, Vance Bourjaily, and Charles East or reading contemporary writers like David Madden, James Gordon Bennett, Valerie Martin, Andrei Codrescu, Tim Parrish, Matt Clark, Michael Griffith, Allen Wier, and Olympia Vernon, each story will deepen your appreciation of the talent LSU has produced and supported.

Best of LSU Fiction is not only a literary history of Louisiana’s flagship university but also an original presentation of some of the country’s best fiction writers. Readers who love great fiction are sure to find new favorites in this volume.

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