Feeling Very Strange: The Slipstream Anthology by James Patrick Kelly, John Kessel

Feeling Very Strange: The Slipstream Anthology

James Patrick Kelly, John Kessel

fiction Science Fiction Short Stories
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If it is true that the test of a first-rate mind is its ability to hold two contradictory ideas at the same time, then we live in a century when it takes a first-rate mind just to get through the day. We have unprecedented access to information; cognitive dissonance is a banner headline in our morning papers and radiates silently from our computer screens. Slipstream, poised between literature and popular culture, embraces the dissonance.

These ambitious stories of visionary strangeness defy the conventions of science fiction. Tales by Michael Chabon, Karen Joy Fowler, Jonathan Lethem, Carol Emshwiller, George Saunders, and others pull the reader into a vivid dreamspace and embrace the knowledge that life today is increasingly surreal.


Introduction by John Kessel and Jim Patrick Kelly

"Al" by Carol Emshwiller
"The Little Magic Shop" by Bruce Sterling
"The Healer" by Aimee Bender
"The Specialist's Hat" by Kelly Link
"Light and the Sufferer" by Jonathan Lethem
"Sea Oak" by George Saunders
"Exhibit H: Torn Pages Discovered in the Vest Pocket of an Unidentified Tourist" by Jeff VanderMeer
"Hell is the Absence of God" by Ted Chiang
"Lieserl" by Karen Joy Fowler
"Bright Morning" by Jeffrey Ford
Biographical Notes to "A Discourse on the Nature of Causality, with Air-planes" by Benjamin Rosenbaum
"The God of Dark Laughter" by Michael Chabon
"The Rose in Twelve Petals" by Theodora Goss
"The Lions Are Asleep This Night" by Howard Waldrop
"You Have Never Been Here" by M. Rickert
"I Want My 20th-Century Schizoid Art" I-IV (various contributors)

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