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This book contains eighteen stories by well-known writers. They are:

At Dover, by Nigel Balchin
The Face on the Wall, by E.V. Lucas
Quick Thinking by Stephen W. Pollak
Getting Known by D.H. Barber
The Rivals by Martin Armstrong
Under the Sea by Stella Benson
Topham's Chance by George Gissing
Are you Weak, Tired? by Rosmond and Lake
I Never Forget A Face by Cyril Hare
The Fly by Katherine Mansfield
A Sad Story by George Sheffield
Plan of Attack by Saki
The Name by Henry Cecil
The Clever Girl by Margaret Bonham
One of the Hot Sports by Anna Kavan
Called to the rescue by Henry Spicer
Chance by A.J. Alan
The Shop Window by Rupert Croft-Cooke

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