Reverie by Ryan La Sala


Ryan La Sala

fiction Fantasy LGBTQIA+ Young Adult
adventurous emotional mysterious slow-paced

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Inception meets The Magicians in the most imaginative YA debut of the year!

All Kane Montgomery knows for certain is that the police found him half-dead in the river. He can’t remember how he got there, what happened after, and why his life seems so different now. And it’s not just Kane who’s different, the world feels off, reality itself seems different.

As Kane pieces together clues, three almost-strangers claim to be his friends and the only people who can truly tell him what’s going on. But as he and the others are dragged into unimaginable worlds that materialize out of nowhere—the gym warps into a subterranean temple, a historical home nearby blooms into a Victorian romance rife with scandal and sorcery—Kane realizes that nothing in his life is an accident. And when a sinister force threatens to alter reality for good, they will have to do everything they can to stop it before it unravels everything they know.

This wildly imaginative debut explores what happens when the secret worlds that people hide within themselves come to light.

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Content warnings

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Violence (1 reviewer) and Blood (1 reviewer)


Bullying (1 reviewer) and Homophobia (1 reviewer)


Vomit (1 reviewer) and Dementia (1 reviewer)


adventurous 83%
mysterious 66%
emotional 41%
hopeful 41%
funny 33%
lighthearted 33%
tense 25%
inspiring 8%
reflective 8%


medium 72%
fast 27%

Strong character development?

Yes: 75% | It's complicated: 8% | N/A: 8% | No: 8%

Loveable characters?

Yes: 75% | It's complicated: 25%

Diverse cast of characters?

Yes: 91% | It's complicated: 8%

Flaws of characters centre-stage?

Yes: 81% | It's complicated: 18%

Average rating


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