Book of Alien Planets

H.B. Fyfe, Edmond Hamilton, Mary Gentle, Michael Shaara, Stephen David, Arthur C. Clarke, Peter Davison, Ray Bradbury

fiction Science Fiction Short Stories
adventurous reflective fast-paced

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What sort of worlds would a Time Lord know?

Distant planets of constant night, and burning stars. Far-off spheres of horrific heat or deadly cold? Lands of awe and wonder, magic and dread. Better worlds than ours — and worse.

Now Peter Davison, TV's Doctor Who, takes you on a voyage to the deepest, most terrifying corners of the galaxy.


* Homecoming by Stephen David
* Grenville's Planet by Michael Shaara
* Exile by Edmond Hamilton
* The Star by Arthur C. Clarke
* All Summer in a Day by Ray Bradbury
* Protected Species by H.B. Fyfe
* History Lesson by Arthur C. Clarke
* The Pits Beneath the World by Mary Gentle

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