Queen of the Blazing Throne

Empirium #2.5

Claire Legrand

adventurous dark medium-paced

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In Kingsbane, you met Obritsa Nevemskaya—the mysterious child-queen of Kirvaya. Now, in this thrilling novella, learn more about Obritsa’s story and how her fate became intertwined with those of Rielle, Audric, Ludivine, and Corien.

Twelve-year-old Obritsa is a temple maidservant, loyal to a novice firebrand who hopes to be named Queen of the Blazing Throne. When Kirvaya’s magisters choose Obritsa as queen instead, the country erupts with fury.

But Obritsa doesn’t care what they think. She has her own secrets, her own agenda—and outrage is the least of her problems. In the capital city, more children go missing every day. Whispers fly through the streets of a great danger brewing in the far north. And some Celdarian girl she’s never heard of has been named Sun Queen.

As Obritsa unravels these mysteries, she soon realizes the war she thought she was fighting is part of something much bigger—a conflict centuries in the making—and that her power could decide who wins, and who loses.

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