Reviews for A Caribbean Mystery, by Agatha Christie

inmidnights's review
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This one was too easy to solve. Solved the suspect, method, and real victim before 1/3 of the book. The red herrings weren’t strong enough, and there wasn’t a feeling of suspense that most of her work has.

Sarahsponda's review
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So much Miss Marple in this one, hooray!

Night Owl Reader's review
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Pretty great! It was well written, I really love Agatha Christie’s writing style. It’s very simple and easy to read. I do have some issues with this book though, I feel like the plot was a bit all over the place, like we go around in circles before landing on the solution.

And the motive for the murder was very simple and cliche. There doesn’t seem to be that same chilling force behind it, or a emotional aspect like Five Little Pigs had. I guess, at that time period, the term “serial killer” wasn’t coined yet. Either way, this was overall a pretty good story.

tobi's review
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adventurous hopeful inspiring lighthearted medium-paced
  • Strong character development? No
  • Loveable characters? Yes
  • Diverse cast of characters? Yes
  • Flaws of characters centre-stage? Yes


Berodatheelf's review
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funny lighthearted mysterious tense medium-paced
  • Strong character development? No
  • Diverse cast of characters? No
  • Flaws of characters centre-stage? No


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Moderate: Death, Racial slurs, and Suicidal thoughts

Dozylocal's review
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3.5 stars

Another neat little mystery story. Perhaps with fewer highs and lows than some of the others, but still filled with red herrings and mysteries. It's set in the West Indies, and I found I missed some of the Miss Marple regulars a little. Still a great read and I flattened it in a day.

WishfullyReading's review
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Rating: 4.5 Stars

"Mr Rafiel's smile broadened.
'Conversations with you might be dangerous," he said.
'Conversations are always dangerous, if you have something to hide,' said Miss Marple."

A quick and engaging murder mystery in which Mrs. Marple has to work her magic abroad. The mystery was engrossing and with the addition of an interesting cast of characters [b:A Caribbean Mystery|31300|A Caribbean Mystery (Miss Marple, #10)|Agatha Christie||937152] was a true page-turner.

"It wasn't going to be easy. She had one weapon and one weapon only, and that was conversation."

Oh yes! Mrs. Marple has her ways to learn what she wants.

emmabeckman's review
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The mystery is pretty good in this one, probably not who you suspect and with enough twists in other people's lives that the red herrings do actually build up to other nefarious things rather than being easily explained away. Plus Miss Marple is in the story from the very first page and she's having a nice holiday knitting on the beach and we love that for her.

Here's my fair acknowledgment that some of the Caribbean locals are referred to in a caricature-ish way, though I wouldn't say that any of the characters exhibit any special malice toward them because of the color of their skin (it's more of a colonial white supremacy narrative situation). Also a gay man is described as "queer" a couple of times, though I think in the context, it's not intended to be derogatory (yes, I know, it's not the intention that matters, it's the effect. I'm just saying.). As I am neither a person of color nor gay, obviously I'm not a definitive source to make claims about whether the representation is offensive or not.

kellee's review
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Ah, we're back to the old-fashioned Miss Marple, but set in the Caribbean. This mystery didn't have me scratching my head as much, but its a welcome atmosphere and change of pace. Kind of read like a mystery dinner theatre.

fleurette's review
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This is a good story, although it is certainly not Agatha Christie's best book. But I've also read worse lately.

With true pleasure I can say that Miss Marple did not annoyed me in this one, as she sometimes did in other books. Here she seems very competent and rather funny.

The whole story is rather typical for Agatha Christie. A small group of characters that we meet at the beginning and as the story unfolds. They are all in a hotel in the Caribbean. Suspicious murder of one of the guests, very likely that he was murdered by someone from this narrow group. Miss Marple tries to solve the mystery. It's a well-known format from Christie's books that worked quite well although I read better ones - recently [b:Towards Zero|16351|Towards Zero (Superintendent Battle, #5)|Agatha Christie||2860210].

Overall, it's a good story, but not unique.


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