Reviews for A Walk Through Hell, Volume 1, by Garth Ennis, Mike Marts, Goran Sudžuka

hdanniel's review
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Con Garth Ennis me suele pasar que el fondo o la idea generalmente funciona bien pero la forma es la que falla y no es raro que me haya dicho: "no pienso leer otro libro de Garth Ennis en mi vida".
En este primer volumen de A walk through hell me pasa distinto, la historia está muy bien lograda y sin excesos. Si bien hay escenas fuertes, el horror se transmite de otra manera, es una sensación de no saber exactamente qué está pasando, mientras se nos da información que solo ayuda a aumentar la tensión.
El arte es perfecto para lo que se está contando. Muy sobrio, incluso en las escenas más gore, y asusta mucho más cuando la amenaza es invisible.
De todas maneras AWTH depende mucho de cómo se cierre la historia, le temo mucho a los excesos de Ennis pero ya estoy condenado a seguir este camino al infierno hasta el final.

willdrown's review
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A surprisingly effective horror that eschews Ennis's standard method of garishness in favour of half-said half-implied atrocities and sparsely inserted imagery. While not all of the designs and, subsequently, attempts at horror hit the spot, they're spaced out enough that each catches you off-guard, mostly thanks to the disjointed (I mean this in the best way possible) structure, where flashbacks almost act as jump scares, leaping out suddenly to add even more twisted backstory to the events. We have yet to see whether Ennis will stick the landing but the combo of good writing, excellent pacing, and amazing art from Goran Sudzuka make this a very worthy start. The last page of the TPB is freaking nightmarish and that's exactly what I want in a horror.

howlinglibraries's review
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This was my first time trying anything by Garth Ennis after being disappointed by Preacher a while back, so I wasn't sure what to expect, and even now, having read this, I'm not entirely certain how I feel about it! There's a lot of good, and a lot of bad, too, to be unpacked in this graphic novel.

The good:
- interesting characters
- diversity (2 queer MCs, multiple POC characters)
- interesting social commentary on the current sociopolitical climate in the US and how it affects minorities
- a few really creepy and/or disturbing scenes

The bad:
- you're immediately thrown into a bizarre scenario with no back story or information about what's happening
- there's very little "logic" to what's happening (i.e., how are people chosen? who "deserves" it and who doesn't?)
- volume 1's ending feels very abrupt and premature

So, all in all, this is a pretty mixed bag, but I'm intrigued enough to say I think I'd like to read volume 2 sometime, and the things that I did like about this graphic novel have me weighing the possibility of giving Preacher another try while I wait.

Thank you so much to the publisher for providing me with this ARC in exchange for an honest review!

panelparty's review
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I hate that I'm considering reading Volume 2 just to figure out what happens, because this was kind of a slog for me. Every time I was /almost/ sucked into it, we flashed back to something else.

That One Nerdy Girl's review
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At the beginning it was interesting but, for me, the story lost itself in the middle.


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