Reviews for A Crystal of Time, by Iacopo Bruno, Soman Chainani

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I am absolutely IN LOVE with this series. The books are absolutely incredible

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Un 5ème tome plein d'actions et de révélation, avec des personnages toujours autant au top! Sophie et Agatha ne me déçoivent jamais et j'ai juste hate de pouvoir lire la suite de leurs aventures!

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4 stars

I really don't feel like reviewing this book. So in short, these characters are a bit annoying in the fact that they are so easily swayed in their opinions of things. It's not even funny. And it's every single character. Even nameless unimportant characters.

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WOAH!! This one continues on a crazy adventure as Tedros and Agatha must fight to regain Camelot. So many new aspects are brought in. From a strange crystal ball, surrounded in mystery to learning a cat may be more that just a cat! And Sophia is, once again, questioned more than anyone. By all but me. Honestly I really felt she has grown and matured for this book in many ways. She has come into her own and I finally sort of like her. Although she can still grate on me too lol. Tedros continues to drive me nuts. His attitude toward Sophia, his blind faith in is father and not listening to other possibilities of how to do things. My heart also broke a little in this one. There is some tragedy.
Once again, I did this via audiobook and cannot say enough good things about Polly Lee's narration! I didn't even want to sit and read a physical copy. I sought out the audiobook. I have only ever done that with re-reads in the past. So this is a first!
Great story, neat twists on the known tales. I can hardly wait for the conclusion!!

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adventurous dark funny mysterious tense fast-paced
  • Strong character development? Yes
  • Loveable characters? Yes
  • Diverse cast of characters? It's complicated
  • Flaws of characters centre-stage? Yes


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I dont know what to say. It was amazing, the plot twists, the plot.. it all connect together. This is genius, worth every penny, dollar, pound.. It's amazing.

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Excuse me, Soman Chainani, 624 pages is not enough because now I have to wait who knows how long until the last book... THE LAST BOOK IN THE SERIES. THE LAST BOOK

Honestly, Chainani can give me a 1000 page book on just Tagatha cuddling or Sophie changing bath mats into dresses and I WOULD STILL READ IT. Just reading this book, this series, these characters are my children and my family and I am going to be so sad to not continue reading their stories. I am hoping that it will be an Ever After ending (I don't wish that for the Snake though, he can go die!) but I am going to cry and--oh, yup, not going to think about it.

A Crystal of Time starts off running--literally! It picks off with Agatha on the run from Rhian after he takes over as king and imprisons all her friends. It goes from there with nonstop action and so much crap just thrown at these characters and the world!

I think at some points the humor was jarring and ruined the mood, but, other than that, this book was SUCH a delight! It felt like I was reunited (with old friends and world) and IT FEELS SO GOOD...except NOW I HAVE TO WAIT.

I just love all the little Tagatha moments, Sophie being a badass enigma, Hort is soft, Tedros gets jealous of SophieAgatha friendship/homance, taking baths to enter a crystal ball, SheriffRobin team-up, the Coven, Evelyn Sader still causing mayhem after death...oh yeah, the fuckery that is named Arthur and his relationships with women just can not be contained within his pants!

I think this book is more of a set-up to the last book but I still enjoyed it. I especially loved reading from Dovey's POV...that chapter really tore me up it was so beautiful, I loved it. This book in general was SO GOOD. (Look at that hella gorgeous cover I might add.) The only thing I hated was the fact that I didn't have more time in a day to read it and had to read chapters here and there!

Tedros levels-up, as in he's growing just as much as Sophie is! I feel that this arc really lets us see his growth in character, something we got to see in Agatha and something we continually see in Sophie. So it was so refreshing for him to admit and realize he is selfish and isn't fit to be king but realizing that, yes, that is his throne and he's supposed to be king.

Also, we get jealousTedros™ that I have been waiting for. I mean he's jealous of Sophie but still hilarious that he wants to be part of their sisterly bond. And besides, Agatha is just too Good for BOTH Sophie and Tedros!

Tedros: this is my princess Agatha and this is Sophie, Agatha's princess. (shoutout to Parks and Rec!)

Sophie is still so complex and slaying! She pretends and loves and stays loyal. But above all, she cares so much for Agatha and that is so great to see, none of that Sophie causing drama and more Sophie helping fight drama in that dramatic flair.

And my daughter Agatha using her animal abilities, saving her prince in distress, and looking killer in black. She's just perfect, what else can I say? We all know she deserves to be queen but how about king? King Agatha?

The spoils:
-REAPER IS KING. A cat is king of gnomeland! Go Reaper--also go Reaper thinking Tedros wasn't good enough for Agatha! We all know that!
-The first years are so adorable! This isn't really spoilery but I mean they are just adorable!--brings back that first year Agatha, Sophie, Tedros nostalgia!
-Japeth and Aric...more than friendship? Possibly adorable?
-Dovey dying and seeing Lesso again X( can you not? That is the best ship there is!
-The dresss that Sophie wears um wow, stunning!
-Tedros thinking about meat and sport
-Tedros putting a locket into his mouth to find the last ring
-Tedros being so in love with Agatha it's so cute it is giving me cavities
-Like literally, the first chapter in his POV he is thinking about how awesome Agatha is

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i need sge six


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