Reviews for Ego is the Enemy: The Fight to Master Our Greatest Opponent, by Ryan Holiday

fmoreno's review
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A very important book that everyone should read. We all get carried away by our egos sometimes and that can really mess up with our performance not only at work but also with our personal relationships (love or friendship). However, it can be quite tricky to recognise when our ego is at work. That's why we need to get better at recognising when our thoughts and actions are being directed by our egos and we need to learn to suppress it.

Ryan Holiday has given his readers a surprisingly clear and meaningful guide to control our ego and how to effectively recognise it and suppress it. The author not only gives you examples of people who have successfully conquered their egos throughout their entire lives but he also presents examples of people who have not been able to suppress their egos, an action which oftentimes resulted in disastrous consequences.

It is worth mentioning that this book is also a must read for bookworms. Ryan Holiday himself is a bookworm and, of course, his book is filled with literary culture and book references along with a lot of meaningful quotes that stay with you because of their power. I was so excited with the fact that Ryan is an enthusiastic reader that I immediately signed up for his reading recommendations newsletter (Do it at his site, I think it's completely worth it!).
Some of the books he mentions in Ego is the Enemy are books that I've read or talked about in my undergraduate studies so it reminded me of the time I spent studying great literature and how satisfying it was. It is incredible how much knowledge books contain and how books that have been read through different centuries and times can still convey so many important lessons for the present day.

See for yourself how amazing this book is. Go read it and share with the Goodreads community how you felt about it!

Ria.Tam's review
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The book is well structured, it made reading it really enjoyable. To separate it in three parts - before, during and after success - made sense and it read like a list. Every headline was the main item and the chapter that followed was a entertaining and valuable explanation made of motivational discussions and examples. It made reading and digesting it easy (or easier for the latter).
I knew I was going to enjoy this book, if only because of a perspective that seems so unique in the western world of today. But I was pleasantly surprised by how much it gave me.

MBrighty's review
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reflective fast-paced


torzillo's review
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I don´t know if Holiday is much of an original thinker, but he´s clearly a formidable researcher and explainer- both valuable skills... and here he complies a great deal of timeless wisdom. Everyone can learn from what´s here, or at least be reminded...


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