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Pistouvi, by Bertrand, Gatignol, Merwan

adventurous dark mysterious sad tense fast-paced


beautiful linework is not enough to save dead-eyed characters within a meaningless plot.

if "pistouvi" is supposed to be an extended metaphor, it fell flat for me. the components for a classic modern fairytale are all there – whimsical girl, anthropomorphic fox, wind spirit, machine man, ominous birds – but they remain the sum of their parts. there is no character development, no explanations, not even any true cohesion between chapters; the book simply starts and keeps going until it doesn't.

the art, while crisp and pleasingly stylized overall, contains several quirks: lifeless eyes, strangely detailed teeth (but only for the girl), and a few oddly-angled panels.

ultimately, i wanted from "pistouvi" something that it was ill-equipped to give. i wanted a fairytale; i got disjointed vignettes.

thank you to netgalley and diamond book distributors - magnetic press for an e-arc in exchange for an honest review.

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Moderate: Animal cruelty


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