A review by random_shoes
Into the Drowning Deep, by Mira Grant

dark emotional mysterious tense medium-paced


I have only just finished this and I really just am still incoherently screaming into the void.
But the book is amazing, the writing is fantastic, the story itself pulls you in quick and keeps you there. I loved the build up to the trip and the fact that the pacing of the book increased as you got farther into it.
Definitely recommend if you are a fan of horror, of secrets in the deep ocean, of mysteries, and fun characters. (Including twins who are deaf and both work in STEM (as well as their older sister), a bi woman, a gay woman, a person with nerve damage)

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Graphic: Blood, Animal death, Confinement, Death, Gore, and Violence

Moderate: Alcoholism, Drug use, Grief, Medical content, and Medical trauma

Minor: Biphobia


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