A review by Montgomery Pierce
Blood Is Another Word for Hunger, by Rivers Solomon

dark tense medium-paced


Rivers Solomon has a way with the short story that I am simultaneously envious of and ravenous for. This story doesn't disappoint; revenge, gore, grappling with cycles of life and death, the concept of rebirth, found family, all hanging somewhere between horror and reality in a place where a girl like Sully is real and the traumatic things that happen to her are equally that and otherworldly. 

If Rivers Solomon ever chose to expand on this story, its world, its characters, you would not find me disappointed. 

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Graphic: Blood, Body horror, Violence, Suicide, and Gore

Minor: Slavery

Blood, Body Horror, Gore, Violence: Scenes that include the murder of slave owners, descriptions of blood, viscera, etc. Detailed depiction of traumatic childbirth. Suicide, Gore:
Spoiler Scene towards the end of the short story where Sully cuts out her own uterus, leading to her death and subsequent rebirth.
Slavery: Sully is a former slave; there are no scenes of her as a slave, nor depictions of slavery and the violence that comes with it.

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