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Starts: Wednesday, 01 January 2020

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For the 20 Books for 2020 Reading Challenge, I've tried to mix some easy, light-hearted prompts with some more challenging ones. One of the key goals of the challenge is for readers to explore the world through books by reading (and maybe even getting to know new) authors from lesser "visited" corners of the world, with an emphasis on female authors. The prompts in this challenge are supposed to help readers get out of their comfort zone and hopefully consider authors they hadn't considered before - all without being to strict as to what should be read.

Be sure to share your picks and your progress using the hashtag #20BooksFor2020 and / or tagging @lavidaenquotes.

Challenge prompts

4. set in a time that intrigues you (64 books added)

6. a feel-good book (70 books added)

8. a new-to-you author (131 books added)

9. a brick (over 500 pages) (54 books added)

10. a classic you keep meaning to read (44 books added)

11. by a female author from Asia (35 books added)

12. by a female author from Africa (15 books added)

16. something spooky (49 books added)

18. non-fiction (80 books added)

19. by an LGBTQAI+ author (78 books added)

20. by an award-winning author (74 books added)