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Margo Lanagan, Rovina Cai

fiction Fantasy Young Adult
emotional reflective slow-paced

The Brazilian Millionaire's Love-Child

Anne Mather

fiction Romance
emotional reflective fast-paced

History of Modern Design

David Raizman

nonfiction Art Design History
informative medium-paced

Gone for You (Wild Side, #1)

Riley Hart

fiction Contemporary Romance
emotional lighthearted slow-paced

Aera Book 1: The Return of the Ancient Gods (AERA - Die Rückkehr der Götter, #1)

Markus Heitz

fiction Science Fiction
mysterious fast-paced

Dead Man Working

Carl Cederstrom, Peter Fleming

nonfiction Philosophy Politics
challenging informative reflective medium-paced

Triptych: Three Studies of Manic Street Preachers' The Holy Bible

Rhian E. Jones, Daniel Lukes, Larissa Wodtke

nonfiction Music
informative reflective slow-paced

Kirk: The Star to Every Wandering (Star Trek: Crucible, #3)

David R. George III

fiction Science Fiction
challenging reflective slow-paced

The Second Trial

Rosemarie Boll

fiction Young Adult
emotional reflective medium-paced