Dorothy L. Sayers: The Complete Stories

James Sandoe, Dorothy L. Sayers

fiction Classics Mystery Short Stories
adventurous mysterious medium-paced

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A sure treat for Dorothy L. Sayers's legions of fans, The Complete Stories is the ultimate collectible. This delightfully gruesome collection captures all of Sayers's short stories in one volume. The tantalizing puzzles and baffling cases will provide mystery lovers with a sumptuous feast of criminal doings and all those amusing and appalling things that happen on the way to the gallows.

The abominable history of the man with copper fingers --
The entertaining espisode of the article in question --
The fascinating problem of Uncle Meleager's will --
The fantastic horror of the cat in the bag --
The unprincipled affair of the practical joker --
The undignified melodrama of the bone of contention --
The vindictive story of the footsteps that ran --
The bibulous business of a matter of taste --
The learned adventure of the dragon's head --
The piscatorial farce of the stolen stomach --
The unsolved puzzle of the man with no face --
The adventurous exploit of the cave of Ali Baba --
The image in the mirror --
The incredible elopement of Lord Peter Wimsey --
The queen's square --
The necklace of pearls --
In the teeth of the evidence --
Absolutely elsewhere --
Striding folly --
The haunted policeman --
Talboys --
The poisoned dow '08 --
Sleuths on the scent --
Murder in the morning --
One too many --
Murder at Pentecost --
Maher-shalal-hashbaz --
A shot at goal --
Dirt cheap --
Bitter almonds --
False weight --
The professor's manuscript --
The man who knew how --
The fountain plays --
The milk-bottles --
Dilemma --
An arrow o'er the house --
Scrawns --
Nebuchadnezzar --
The inspiration of Mr. Budd --
Blood sacrifice --
Suspicion --
The leopard lady --
The Cyprian cat

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