The Rose and the Yew Tree by Mary Westmacott, Agatha Christie

The Rose and the Yew Tree

Mary Westmacott, Agatha Christie

fiction Classics Mystery Romance
mysterious slow-paced

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Everyone expected Isabella Charteris, sheltered and aristocratic, to marry her cousin Rupert St. Loo when he came back from the War. She had known Rupert since childhood. He was handsome, strong, and deeply in love with her. Everyone agreed, it would have been such a suitable marriage, they were a perfect match.

How strange then that John Gabriel, an war hero and and one of the candidates in a post-war election in Cornwall, should appear in her life. Nobody expected Isabelle to fall for him. John was Rupert's opposite -- a man of ruthless ambition, overwhelming appetites, who desired Isabella, but despised everything she stood for.

From the moment they met, Isabella knew John would gladly destroy her… yet she could not resist him… For Isabella, the price of love would mean abandoning her dreams of home and happiness forever. For John, it would destroy his chance of a career and all his ambitions....

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