I'm No Fraidy Cat by Brian James, Ned Woodman, B.J. James

I'm No Fraidy Cat


Brian James, Ned Woodman, B.J. James

funny lighthearted mysterious slow-paced
The launch of a fun, early chapter book about a girl who is half-kid, half-cat. She has cat curiosity and a nose for sniffing out anything fishy. An energetic, character-driven romp to rival Junie B.

CatKid is convinced her house is haunted! She can hear something scritching and scratching above her bed. The only problem is that no one else can hear it.

None of the other kids in her class believe in ghosts. They all think CatKid is a fraidy cat. But she knows there's something going on in her house, and her cat curiosity makes her want to figure it all out. So CatKid hatches a plan. But will her scheme catch the ghosts, or land her in the doghouse?

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