Horror, Humor, and Heroes Volume 2: New Faces of Fantasy by J.B. Vote, Joe Ducie, Susan Nance Carhart, Keith McComb, Brian James, P.R.S., Tom P. Arachtingi, Heather Sinclair, Clell Harmon, Ted Vinzani, Britnee Bloschichak, Jim Bernheimer, Anne B. Walsh, Matthew Schocke
Meet the New Faces of Fantasy - Inside are thirteen stories handpicked to entertain, amuse, and provoke from the editor who brought you the original Horror, Humor, and Heroes. Follow the exploits of a young man bent on avenging his murdered brother on the eve of destruction. Visit a magical competition where no one can be trusted. Watch as reluctant heroes, such as a warrior faced with a cursed heritage and a high school graduate, whose summer job becomes much more than he imagined, grapple with their unfortunate circumstances. Travel with a Russian polianitsa, obliged to escort a nobleman through dangerous lands. See a detective investigating persons who are missing for reasons that should never come to light. Interview the world's first immortal. Quest through the eyes of a miniature dragon as he suffers the foolishness of his hairy and odorous companions. This mix of traditional and urban fantasy will appeal to fans of both genres.

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