End Game

The Midnight Library #3

Robin Wasserman, Damien Graves

fiction Childrens Fantasy Horror
dark mysterious tense slow-paced

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Damien Graves presents three terrifying stories to thrill and chill you. Will you dare to be scared?

Damien Graves has spent many years searching for the most spine-chilling stories in existence. Now, at last, he has chosen to share with you the best of his collection...

Simon prefers computer games to reality. But a shockingly real turn of events might mean "Game Over" -- forever.
Catherine wonders if the customer is always right when a peculiar new customer seems very, very wrong.
Juliet keeps getting urgent text messages from a stranger. Soon she'll wish her phone were dead.

Welcome to where your darkest dreams meet with the unhappiest of endings. Welcome to The Midnight Library.

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