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For those who like to perambulate through the past in their mysteries, Crime Through Time is the perfect companion. Edited by Sharan Newman (medieval mysteries) and Miriam Grace Monfredo's (mid-Victorian American mysteries), this collection of historical mystery stories spans ancient Egypt to World War II and features some of the most well known names in the field. Of particular note is Nicholas diChario's "The Soldier and His Dead Companion," which posits a new solution to a wartime mystery; and the welcome returns of diva Geraldine Farrar and the prank-loving Great Caruso in Barbara Paul's "Portrait of the Artist as a Young Corpse," and Peter Lovesey's lecherous but amiable Bertie, Prince of Wales, in "Bertie and the Boat Race."

—Elizabeth Foxwell

Death of a place-seeker / Lynda S. Robinson --
Archimedes' tomb / Steven Saylor --
Solomon's decision / Sharan Newman --
Murder at anchor / Edward Marston --
The hangman's apprentice / Leonard Tourney --
Suffer a witch / Miriam Grace Monfredo --
The lullaby cheat / Kate Ross --
Anything in the dark / Edward D. Hoch --
Bertie and the boat race / Peter Lovesey --
The high constable and the visiting author / Maan Meyers --
Look to the lady / Alanna Knight --
Mrs. Hudson's case / Laurie King --
Exit centre stage / M.J. Trow --
Decision of the umpire / Troy Soos --
Uncle Charlie's letters / Anne Perry --
Killing the critic / Gillian Linscott --
Portrait of the artist as a young corpse / Barbara Paul --
The Mamur Zapt and the Kodaker's eye / Michael Pearce --
Storm in a tea shoppe / Carola Dunn --
The enemy / Ken Kuhlken --
The soldier and his dead companion / Nicholas A. DiChario.

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