Avatar: The Last Airbender: North and South, Part 3 by Gurihiru, Gene Luen Yang

Avatar: The Last Airbender: North and South, Part 3

North and South #3

Gurihiru, Gene Luen Yang

fiction Comics Fantasy
adventurous emotional fast-paced
North versus South--the final showdown!

Fire Lord Zuko and Earth King Kuei arrive in the lands of the Southern Water Tribe amid protests against Gilak's imprisonment. While the leaders hold council to solidify Malina and Hakoda's unification plans, Gilak breaks free and leads a powerful rebellion, crashing the council and kidnapping the Earth King! In the face of these two opposing forces, Katara will have to make peace with her nostalgia and distrust to save the home and family she loves from being permanently torn apart.

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adventurous 100%
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medium 50%
fast 50%

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Yes: 100%

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Yes: 100%

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Yes: 100%

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Yes: 100%

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