The Coach's Casebook: Mastering the Twelve Traits That Trap Us

Geoff Watts, Kim Morgan

nonfiction Business
informative reflective slow-paced
2016 International Book Awards WINNER!
Our strengths can become our weaknesses. Our traits and habitual behaviours can become traps. In each chapter of The Coach's Casebook the reader follows a skilled coach working with a client who is struggling with one of the twelve traits which every coach will face in their coaching work - traits such as people pleasing, perfectionism, impostor syndrome, performance anxiety and procrastination.

In each of the case studies in The Coach's Casebook, the coach shares their emotions, their thought processes and their reflections from coaching supervision as they try to understand the psychological origins of these behaviours and to work out how to help their client.

This book is a great book for leadership development and has been used extensively for executive leadership for results but is above all designed to help you improve your coaching practice. It gives you practical, tried and tested techniques which you can use today to improve your coaching habits and coaching practice to help your clients to change the habits of a lifetime.

Both Kim and Geoff are thought leaders in business coaching and mentoring as well as coaching supervision and use this book to explain the key coaching principles in their coaching practice to help you develop great coaching habits.

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