What We Don't Talk about by Charlot Kristensen

What We Don't Talk about

Charlot Kristensen

nonfiction Comics
emotional informative slow-paced

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Adam and Farai are an interracial couple that have been together for two years. Farai has finally persuaded Adam to introduce her to his parents, but the visit to the in-laws turns out to be a horrible experience for Farai. Several situations during the introductory dinner make her feel uneasy and ostracised. When confronted about this experience Adam tries to play down the whole situation and does not show any understanding for his partner's concern. This puts a further strain on their relationship and Farai starts to wonder if she can be with a man who's family does not accept her and who is not willing to face the difficulties related to an interracial relationship. Examining important contemporary issues of race, bigotry and the difficulties that interracial couples face, What We Don't Talk About is the debut graphic novel from a burgeoning new comics talent.

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emotional 100%
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