Reviews for Better Off Undead, by James Preller

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Welp, this just sucked. *sighs*I have been looking forward to this book ever since I participated in the Nerdblast for it, then I had to order it, and it was finally out. Sadly, the zombie stuff is pretty decent in the first part, but after that it moves to the back (way in the back even), and instead of little bits, like in the beginning, all the stuff is about boohoo we are ruining Earth, and you should feel ashamed and the bees, THHEEEEEBEEEEESSS. Oh, and more pushing and shoving stuff into your mouth ad nauseam. Nature and environment are important topics, but does it need to be told in this way, pushing it way over the limits? No. I came here for a book about a zombie, a boy who lived (well, "lived") after an accident. I wanted to see him go to school, I wanted to see him figure out what happened, to see him get a happy ending. To have people accept him. But the poor fellow was pushed out by all the environment stuff. Sorry kid. Oh well, guess I will send this one to a friend soon who wants to try it out. :P

SamuraiJenn's review
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It's more like Better Off Unread. Seriously, it started off fine, but it got so preachy that it just wasn't fun. I'm all for teaching kids to save the planet, but they don't need to be hit over the head with it.

Lilyn_G's review
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Review to come.


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