Reviews for Late Night Partners, by Fennel Steuert

Margaret Adelle's review
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I first started looking at this book for purchase, so when the author offered it for review I was glad to take it.

The story can be a little confusing at times, as there's little to no exposition dumps. While this means that it can take a bit for certain aspects to make sense, it lets the reader jump right into the world. The characters are intriguing, from your classic tsundere Gesine to the more enigmatic Doris and the downright paranoid Simon. They all come through very easily.

My favorite part about the entire book is the use of vampirism as an allegory for gentrification of black neighborhoods. There are characters that seek to use vampirism to improve the human race, but in reality it will only benefit those that already have power.

The secret conflict at the end felt properly big and the reveal of certain characters was a delightful surprise. I wish there was a more concerted solution to the problem, as it was so huge. But this is a great quick read for vampire lovers.