Reviews for I Remember You, by Cathleen Davitt Bell

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Ngl man, that was kinda solid

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3.5 stars.

Full review to come.

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Are the memories we recall governed by the feelings attached to them? Is that why they stay with us? Or do we remember only what we remind ourselves of over and again as the years go by? How is it possible that some memories you’d like to hold on to slip away and others—mundane and sad alike, the memories you’d just as soon forget—stay, bubbling to the surface of your brain for no reason at all?

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This is the second book by CDB that I've read and I just love her style. This book is a bit time travel, sci- fi and teen drama love story. I basically loved it and can't remember why I was thinking that it should only be 4 stars... Maybe a reread is in order!

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And the unpopular opinion train rides again...

I wanted to like I Remember You so much! But I think I need to take a break from YA because it's all starting to seem so stagnant and blah (at least I would take a break from YA if I didn't have a stack of YA ARCs to review) and nothing is making much of an impression on me. I Remember You was no exception. This is surprising when you think about how awesome the synopsis seems. But the book is not awesome...not in the least.

My main issue with I Remember You was that I didn't like any of the characters. Or rather I didn't like the main characters...and that includes their romance. This is a classic story of "Boy likes Girl. Girl Likes Boy. Girl turns into a raging jerk while she's with said Boy." Juliet was just everything I get annoyed in when it comes to female YA characters. She starts off smart and seems to have a good head on her shoulders. She meets hot guy; insta-love happens, and Juliet gets obsessive and becomes a jerk. She starts being shitty to her mom. She starts blowing off her best friend (who was also a horrible character who leads guys on and treats them like crap). She starts becoming extremely clingy. Not all of this is on her, though. Lucas was plenty annoying, too (he just wasn't written as big as a jerk). So, basically I was stuck reading a romance between two unlikable character and that breaks a book for me. Basically, the only likable characters in I Remember You were Juliet's mom and Dex (who should have soliloquies written about him due to his sheer awesomeness).

I Remember You had an engrossing plot. I'll give it that. However, a lot of what built up that plot seemed tedious and repetitive. Juliet and Lucas kept fighting over the same things. Juliet was on the cusp of telling her best friend the truth, but then at the last minute her mouth makes the decision, and a lie comes out. This happened about 3 or 4 times with just the best friend and a couple of other times with her mom. And on top of that, the writing in I Remember You wasn't terribly spectacular.

Overall, I didn't really like I Remember You. The only reason it's getting two stars instead of one was because the plot was engaging at some points and because I liked the whole PTSD angle (which should have been explored more). Other than that, I wasn't wowed, mainly because of the main characters and the intense, borderline obsessive romance. I wouldn't really recommend it.


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