Reviews for DC Rebirth Holiday Special #1, by Dustin Nguyen, Steve Orlando, Alex Sollazzo, Paul Dini, Norm Rapmund, Alejandro Sanchez, Reilly Brown, V. Kenneth Marion, K. Perkins, Robbi Rodriguez, Mick Gray, Ben Hunzeker, Paolo Pantalena, Gustavo Duarte, Scott Hanna, Vita Ayala, Dan Jurgens, Marcelo Maiolo, Eric M. Esquivel, Ian Churchill, Elsa Charretier, Hi-Fi, Matías Bergara, Andrea Mutti, Gene Luen Yang, James Asmus, James Tynion IV, Tim Seeley, Arif Prianto, Heath Corson, Bill Freiberger, Thomas Pitilli, Mariko Tamaki

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sooo cute. some stories i enjoyed more than others but that’s bound to happen in any short story collection.


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