Reviews for Philomel Cottage: A Short Story, by Agatha Christie

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A quick intriguing read. One I hadn't read before, so that was cool. Very cool. These mini stories are perfect in between other books :)

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mysterious tense medium-paced


loved the ingenuity of the main character, which drives the short plot to a perfect end. A great short story to read or listen to an audiobook version.

Anastasia Rozova's review
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*Read for class.


I've read this short novella for my paper about the Bluebeard and I loved how the plot of the original was transformed into a short mystery. The reveal was pretty obvious, even if you don't know the fairy-tale, but I still enjoyed it a lot. Plus, the ending made me go "what?" and reread the last couple of paragraphs. Agatha Christie truly is a genius, I love her works, even though I haven't read a lot. Yet.

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From BBC Radio 4 Extra:
Alex meets Terry and is coaxed to start a business out in the country. Mike Walker's revamped whodunnit with Lizzie McInnerny.

Haifa's review
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كيف يمكن للوهم ان يقتل صاحبه ؟!

قصه قصيره ممتعه للرائعه اجاثا كريستي


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