Reviews for Burn, by James Patterson, Michael Ledwidge

Lomy's review
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The worst book I've ever read.

DonneK's review
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This was a really good installment. I enjoyed reading about Bennett getting out of his comfort zone by being moved to Harlem. I enjoyed seeing him in a leadership role. The action was great although the crimes were certainly more gruesome. Personally, I hope he stays in Harlem even though he's itching to get back to major crimes downtown.

Isla.Johnson's review
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That ending was majorly disappointing like why would you choose to end your book that way. There was so many loose ends and NONE OF THEM LED TO A CLIMAX. So anyway I don't care to write a review because it was a bit of a crap book and I did not enjoy it ahaha. Sorry xx

ImzadiRose's review
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Another good Bennett story. Didn't like one of the side stories and was glad when it ended fairly quickly. Could have done without that. :( 3.5 stars

emilykate's review
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Too much stuff was going on and it really distracted from what the actual plot was. In the end it all quickly came together and almost redeemed the book, but the ending was way too brief.


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